How to Sell Your House in 5 Days

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Selling a house is no picnic, especially when time is pressing you. But, more importantly, you will still want to get a reasonable price for your property. So, without any further ado, let’s explore the top proven methods to sell your home fast, with or without a realtor.

Crunch the numbers

You need to be confident with your numbers to sell quickly. See the average price in your area, how much sellers discount, and the cheapest and most expensive properties. Then, price your house based on accurate market data. To sell fast, you can go slightly below the market value to attract more buyers. A 5% discount will often be enough. More than that, you need to know how many days a house is listed before it’s sold. If you need to sell in five days and decide to work with a realtor, ask them what their record is. Moving a property fast is a skill not all professionals have.

Appeal to direct cash buyers

If you are trying to sell to a direct iBuyer, prep your property. A common buying strategy is making an offer close to your expectations, then decreasing it after a home inspection. For that reason, home improvement works will help you a lot. Make sure your house is clutter-free and nicely staged for viewers. Opt for neutral tones that would fit most visitors. Buyers are reluctant to invest time and effort into redecorating. Make sure your yard is also clean and attractive to potential buyers. A well-maintained yard, front door, shrubs will reassure visitors that the house is also in excellent condition.

Practice smart marketing

Consider removing your house from the listing and adding it again. Thus, the offer will appear new, and it will grab more attention. Homeowners often organize a moving garage sale. Therefore, they accomplish two goals: get rid of unnecessary items and showcase their property. A good marketing trick is to offer a time-limited offer on your house. Then, advertise your offer and encourage bidding. This technique often speeds up the process of selling a home.

Negotiate creatively

If your potential buyers cannot make their minds and the clock is ticking, offer them financial incentives instead of a discount. For instance, you could prepay your property tax or the mortgage for the following year. Also, you could offer to pay for the closing costs. This will technically be a 5% discount, but it will feel like much more.